Side Sliding Shelf Transportation Cart Uses: These units are ideally suited for shipping a wide variety of products including bedding plants, perennials, and hanging baskets.


•21" wide cart std length 59"
•21" wide cart std length 57"
•81" assembled height with 77" ladders and 2" x 5" BLUEFORMA casters
•73-1/2" assembled height with 69-1/2" ladders and 2" x 5" BLUEFORMA casters


•Hot Dip Galvanized
•Powder Coat Painted - Either Smooth Finish or Hammertone Finish
•Custom Painted For Identification Purposes

Shelf Options:

•Expanded Metal Mesh
•Solid Sheet Steel Riveted
•Solid Sheet Steel "Welded"
•21" Wide Carts are Cannon Compatible
•Inquire About Custom Inserts


•BLUEFORMA - Quiet, Non-Marking, Cushion Ride Feature. "Maintenance Free" Precision Wheel Ball Bearings. Sealed Swivel caster Raceways. 5" x 2" Standard Wheel Size.

Optional Wheel Sizes Available. Wheel Thread Guards Keep Shrink Wrap Out.

•EZ Unitized Ball Bearing in 2" Wide by 5" Diameter
•Standard Application of 2 Rigid and 2 Swivel Per Cart
•Optional Extra is Posiloc Brake on 1 Swivel in 2" Wide by 5"
•Ask us which casters work best in your environment and/or with your products

Products To Be Shipped:

•Propagation Trays
•Bedding Plant Trays Standard - 10-1/2 x 21 True Size - 10 x 20 Slim Jims - 8 x 20
•Pots - 2" to 6" or 1 to 2 Gallon •Hanging Baskets - 8", 10" or 12" Diameters Sizes To Fit Your Truck:
•24' Truck - Inside dimensions of 94" will hold 18 carts - 22" Wide x 59" Long Carts
•26' Truck - Inside dimensions of 94" will hold 20 carts - 22" Wide x 59" Long Carts


Gravity Hitch
Spring Loaded Hitch

What Are They Made From:

•All steel construction, with mesh, sheet steel, or welded wire inserts Identification:
•Laser Cut Or Stamped ID Plates On Ladders And/Or Base
•Colour Coded On Base, Rail Of Shelf, Ladders Or The Whole Cart
•Roller Painted Or Powder Painted Drawbars:
•Standard, Heavy-Duty, Reinforced or Springloaded
•Length - 18" Standard, 24" Standard or 24" Heavy-Duty Ladders:
•Available in 24 and 26 shelf position
•Available in 2-5/8" and 3-1/2" spacing between ladder rails
•Available in standard length of 77" with optional lengths of 69-1/2" and 76"
•Tabs - with or without
•Ladder Ties - available •Ladders can be shortened to request length at no cost Capacity:
•Per Cart Rated at 1000 lbs. (Distributed Load)
•Per Shelf Rated at 175 lbs. (Distributed Load)


•Base - Includes 2" Wide x 5" Diameter Casters and Drawbar - 67 lbs.
•Shelf - Mesh - 22 lbs.
•Ladders - 37 lbs.